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So yeah, I haven't updated this journal in a year, so I'm gonna do that now...

So one of my pet peeves is when people try to give pathetic reasons why Prinack wouldn't work (there is really no valid reason why this couple wouldn't work, besides the fact they're from different shows), but the one that pisses me off the most is when they say that they have nothing in common... HAHAHAHAHAHA! You're so wrong my friend! No, seriously, dude you're totally wrong... like, you're deep in the wrong, bro...

So I'm gonna list some similarities of Princess and Jack just by going by the information in my head. Here we go...

*They are the only child

*they are neglected by their parents (some people might think that Princess isn't, but all her father does is give her money when she asks for it... he doesn't even talk to her... and besides Princess really doesn't love him, she loves his MONEY. Probably because she feels more connected to it than her own father... so yeah... she's neglected... and for Jack, it explicitly says that his parents leave him alone all the time in the show... )

*they chose to be evil for the same reason (Jack's motive is power and Princess' is revenge, but the root of that is because they want attention, and they want attention because they are clearly neglected... it's full circle..)

* they constantly need attention all the time (like I said...)

*an unhealthy connection with objects (Jack= Robots Princess= Money)

*they both have the tendency to explain who they are to everyone "I’m Jack Spicer, Evil Boy Genius!" "I’m Princess and my Daddy buys me whatever I want because I’m rich!" (because they are obsessed with being notice and they are obsessed with themselves! They are borderline narcissist!)

*they both are whiny and obnoxious (some people try to say that Princess is, and Jack isn't... ????? have you even seen an ep. of Xiaolin showdown, bro? Sometimes Jack is just straight up annoying...)

*they both can be possessive and envious at times

*they both are smart in unique fields, (Jack has mechanical smarts and Princess has people smarts, she knows how successfully persuade people, ex. that whole Robin episode)

*they both have experience with technology (Jack builds it, and Princess uses it)

*they both use their money for technology

*they both use their archenemies for their advantage at one point

*they get bullied by people they’re siding with, (Jack gets bullied by Chase, Wuya and almost every other villain, and Princess gets bullied by the RRB and Seduca even called a spoiled brat)

*they both have an attachment to one parent (Jack is called a Mama’s boy in the show, and Princess is obviously a Daddy’s girl (or a Daddy's money girl...))

*they both beg and plead a lot (usually to they archenemies so they won’t get in trouble, ex. When Jack begs the Dragons to help him after Wuya betrays him, and when the PPG steals Princess’ stuff and she begs for it back)

*they both ended up taking over the world/town at one point (ex. In the future Jack does actually rule the world, and the time Princess was mayor and made crime legal)

*and they both eventually team up with their archenemies... (Jack in the finale, and Princess in the Boy Toys ep.)

And that's only the information I recall from my memory. If I watched both series from start to finish, I could probably come up with a whole lot more...


Okay, that's all.
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cutiepie185 Featured By Owner Sep 5, 2015  Hobbyist Artist
What's Jack from?
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Xiolon Showdown, And princess is from PPG
cutiepie185 Featured By Owner Oct 11, 2015  Hobbyist Artist
Thanks. I knew where Princess was from, just not Jack.
kaliya12 Featured By Owner Jul 10, 2015
Are people not allowed to join anymore?
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way didn't I think of this
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I ship it so hard. 
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I ship it like fed exOh Snap 
leoryff Featured By Owner Jul 21, 2014
Princess and Jack Spicer..  Huh...  And again, crack pairings surprise me...
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